Wahdah Islamiyah

A Brief History of Establishment of Wahdah Islamiyah

A Brief History of Establishment of Wahdah Islamiyah

For first time this organization was established on June 18, 1988 under the name Fathul Muin Foundation (YFM) by the notarial Abdullah Ashal, SH No.20.

To avoid the cult impression of the individual toward KH.Fathul Muin Dg.Mangading (A South Sulawesi charismatic scholar who was the coach of the founders YFM) and to hope being the Ummah Unity Organization on February 19, 1998 M, the YFM had been changed to Wahdah Islamiyah Foundation ( YWI) which means “Islamic Union”. the amendment name was inaugurated officially by notarial Sulprian, SH No.059.

YWI had renewed the name with addition a word “pesantren” that means college to be Yayasan Pesantren Wahdah Islamiyah (YPWI) related to the plan of Islamic College establishment which is intended to cover its higher education institutions by notarial Sulprian, SH No.055 May 25, 2000.
The progress of Da’wah of Wahdah Islamiyah spreads very rapidly, so it is not allowed to be a social foundation. As a result, at YPWI 2nd Congress, Safar 1st, 1422 H (April 14, 2002 M) the congress participants had agreed to establish a community organizations named Wahdah Islamiyah (WI). After that, YPWI which is the forerunner of WI organizations establishment has been simplified its role to be a formal education institution of Wahdah Islamiyah Organization. (For more information, read the book: History of Wahdah Islamiyah)

Wahdah Islamiyah Da’wah Method

The Islamic understanding and worship practices of Wahdah Islamiyah Islamic Community Organizations (Bahasa=Ormas) bases on the Al Qur’an and Sunnah according to the understanding of the Salaf As-Salih (Manhaj Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah). The organization carries on da’wah, education, social, femininity, information, health and environment.