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West Sulawesi Earthquake Response, Wahdah Islamiyah Deploys Volunteers and Logistics Assistance

MAKASSAR – In the middle of the rain that was pouring down the city of Makassar, as many as 5 personnel from the Social Affairs Department of the Wahdah Islamiyah Central Executive Board (Depsos DPP WI) traveled overland to the epicenter of the West Sulawesi earthquake, the cities of Mamuju and Majene, Friday (15/01/2021). ).

The group departed from the WI DPP office, Jalan Antang Raya Makassar, which was officially released by the head of section IV of the WI DPP, ustaz Nasruddin, and the head of the DPP WI Regional Affairs Department, ustaz Syamsuddin Kurru.

Together with the entourage, the Head of the Department of Social Affairs DPP WI, Ustadz Muhammad Musri Madung, who will later become the leader of all disaster activities at the location, participated.

“God willing, we will travel to Mamuju, hopefully the trip will be smooth so that we can immediately arrange volunteers and organize disaster work there. This includes immediately distributing logistical assistance to victims,” ​​explained Ustadz Musri, who is also the coordinator of Wahdah Peduli Pusat.

Travel by car, which also transports logistical needs such as rice and other basic needs.

The Makassar – West Sulawesi route, which passed through several districts, made the group pass several WI Regional Leadership Councils (DPD), which participated in providing support, such as DPD WI Maros who participated in fielding 2 volunteers and logistical assistance, and DPD WI Pinrang with the help of 100 liters of fuel.

Meanwhile, the Central Sulawesi WI DPW, which consists of 20 personnel, is also on its way to the earthquake site, consisting of assessment volunteers, relief workers, media, and other volunteer workers, as well as logistical assistance for earthquake victims. Also DPW WI South Sulawesi who dispatched 5 volunteer personnel and logistical assistance from Muslimah Wahdah Islamiyah Center.

Assistance also came from DPD WI Pasangkayu which contained 1 ton of rice, as well as volunteer assistance, and Wahdah Inspirasi Zakat (WIZ) Center which sent 8 personnel to conduct assessments and collect data on the needs of victims.

It is scheduled that the Depsos group of DPP WI, DPW, DPD, and WIZ Center will arrive in Mamuju City on Saturday (16/01/2021) this morning, and will join the Regional Leadership Council (DPW) of West Sulawesi WI and several DPD WI who have arrived. first.

The WI Main Post for the West Sulawesi earthquake is located at Wildan Islamic School, Jalan Musa Karim No. 32 Mamuju, contact person 0852 5534 8075 (Ust Jamal Shodiq). Meanwhile, for the main Kab. Majene is located at the Nurul Quran Mosque, Jalan Axis Majene – Mamuju, in front of the Office of Manpower and Transmigration of Majene Regency, contact person 0821 8798 6978 (Ust Ihsan).

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