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Mamuju – Residents at the Tampalang Hills Refugee Command Post, Tapalang District, Mamuju Regency were spread out in approximately 20 tents. They chose to take refuge in a location far from their place of residence which is very close to the sea area.

“We were forced to evacuate here deck. Our house below was destroyed. We are also afraid because there will be a tsunami,” said Abdul Rasyid, a representative of the residents at the evacuation site.

In this place, there were hundreds of Family Heads. Each tent can accommodate three to six Heads of Families. The needs that volunteers supply include food ingredients, to baby needs such as milk, diapers, and supplies for women.

The Wahdah Islamiyah volunteer team led by Ridwan Umar traveled more than an hour from the main post located in the city of Mamuju. He explained that the logistical supplies carried out by volunteers reached the farthest locations. Because, according to him, one of the challenges in distributing logistics in remote areas of Mamuju is because most of them in mountainous locations rarely receive assistance.

“If we look at this place, assistance has never been reached because it can’t be seen from the highway. If most other residents vote in front of their respective homes, but not with residents here,” he said.

Assistance from various regions in remote South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and various areas around West Sulawesi, from the monitoring of volunteers has increased. Several fleets have arrived in Mamuju in the past few days, including those at the Wahdah Islamiyah main post in the Wildan SDIT complex, Musa Karim Street, Rangas Village, Mamuju District, Mamuju City, Mamuju Regency. ⁣

Until now, locations that are prone to looting around Jalan Tapalang from the observation of volunteers are relatively safe. However, the issue of looting is still heard when it is night time.

“We inform every volunteer who enters to always be vigilant. It would be better if they asked the authorities to firmly carry out security,” said Ridwan. []

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